The Offspring – Days Go By

The Offspring have been going for 28 years this year, and their 9th studio album seems to be, if you didn’t guess by the title, part-reflection. Unfortunately, whatever the other part is or is meant to be, I am unsure. ”Days Gone By” is the same Offspring that gave us “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” four years ago and that is where the problem lies.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, these guys are getting on a bit now! Noodles is 50 next year and the rest of the band aren’t far behind. There is some good stuff in here; a few choruses you’ll be singing for the rest of the day, a healthy dose of whoah-oh’s, punchy riffs and driving bass that will remind you of what this band is capable of as a group of musicians. Unfortunately, among the tracks are two of, if not the two worst tracks ever released by The Offspring; “Cruising California” and “OC Guns”. A bright spot is “Turning Into You”, standing out from the staleness surrounding it with it’s darker, relentless sound being an unusual move for a usual jack-in-a-box of a band.

The Offspring were a particular favourite of mine during my teen years, so being unkind to this album has been difficult for me. However, it’s potentially more difficult to be nice about it, and it’s obvious that Dexter and co. need to dig deep into their bag of goodies before writing album 10 in order to not disappoint their hardcore beyond the point of forgiveness. Days go by for everyone it seems, even The Offspring.

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