Reel Big Fish – Candy Coated Fury

I will start by saying that this album is by far the best thing that Reel Big Fish have released in well over a decade.  Not since 1996 and the introduction to the world of “Turn The Radio Off” has an album by the fun loving Californian sextet been so upbeat and enjoyable, which is saying something for them.

Everything that makes a Reel Big Fish album so enjoyable is here aplenty in “Candy Coated Fury”; the singalong choruses, the horn solos, the groovy guitar lines and the ability to get a listener skanking for nearly an hour all contribute to what gives this band a special place in many people’s record collection.

The addition of guest female vocals on ‘I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore’ will take fans right back to ‘She Has A Girlfriend Now’ in another enjoyably punchy exchange between a couple whose relationship has gone somewhat stale.  This record has songs for every occasion it seems; getting dumped, starting relationships, having a stalker, hating a mates girlfriend, doubting yourself, breaking up and even blaming your problems on anyone but yourself, the list goes on.  This means that even the most ordinary dull person in the most ordinary dull life should find a song that they can relate to. If not, then they can dance and it might cheer them up…

Coupling this success of album with the fact that Reel Big Fish are still a live act to reckon with, and I would definitely recommend catching them if they play in your local vicinity.  If you used to be a fan of the band but have drifted away from them in recent years, then this should be your time to return.

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