Green Day – ¡Uno!

Now, I won’t hide it; Green Day are my favourite band of all time. Therefore, writing this review was particularly hard, and that’s why it’s taken this long to write a review of their first album in three years.

So when the band announced that their newest material would be presented in the form of a trio of albums my heart skipped a few beats before I sat down to ponder what sort of thing we could expect from the Oakland trio.  The first single, ‘Oh Love’, was a strange track to choose to release initially; the last song on the album and excellent, despite being a slow starter.

The last two albums from Green Day have been dramatic rock-operas of romantic and political standing, American Idiot thrusting the band into the mainstream and 21st Century Breakdown consolidating them as a stadium act worldwide.  However, ¡Uno! feels as if it’s been ripped straight from the Kerplunk! and Dookie songbook, and it works magnificently. Most obvious with this fact is track 4 ‘Let Yourself Go’, where Billie Joe Armstrong snarls “Shut your mouth ‘cause you’re talking too much and I don’t give a fuck anyway“ in an angry show of seemingly adolescent bitterness.

Despite being 40 Armstrong, Dirnt and Cool have produced an album littered with love and lust, despite sometimes sounding less than romantic such as the opening line to blatant love song ‘Fell For You’ where Billie Joe begins with “I woke up in a pool of sweat/At first I thought that I’d pissed the bed…

Track 11 ‘Rusty James’ stands out as a superb piece of songwriting in which Armstrong gives his views on how his band stands in the world of music after over twenty years, and rallying against the critics that have slated his band with the line “I wanna ride on the divided/Anything but the mainstream/Where the fuck is your old gang, man?

In conclusion, this album seems to be a reflective piece of writing from the band who have opened the door to years more of promising material and I personally cannot wait for the next two albums in the trilogy.


2 thoughts on “Green Day – ¡Uno!

    • robescott says:

      Reviews for Dos and Tre in those links. I was using Tumblr mainly at the time so they never got posted here. I liked all of them really, but one super-album would’ve been great. However, the contrast in styles means it probably wouldn’t have worked.

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