Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try

After a 6 year absence the champions of Northern Irish indie label Smalltown America are back; Jetplane Landing have crashed their way back onto our airwaves with “Don’t Try”, their 4th studio offering and first since 2007’s “Backlash Cop”.

Opening with the fast-paced, riff-tastic ‘Cheapskate Tricks For Worn Down People’, this album carries a clear message of the band not giving a fuck about what people think about their new-ish sound. Guitar breakdowns and singable hooks are a sign that the band are no longer worried who people compare them to, a stark contrast to 2007 where they were quoted as specifically saying that they didn’t want to sound like British alt-scene legends turned festival titans Biffy Clyro.

Track 4 “My Radio Heart” might just be one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year, with an impossibly catchy chorus and great dynamics throughout. The UK’s post-hardcore scene has been drastically missing a band putting out this sort of material, with raw sounding guitars, pounding drums and gutsy vocals twinned with lyrics that are both intelligent and left-field, an example being in “Beat Generation… Ha!” with the lyric “hey, maggots, get off my turf, I wrote shit like this fucking years ago” being both an awesome thing to sing back at gigs and a stamp of authority on a scene that JPL are back to rightly reign.

This is a backs to the wall, balls in a vice kind of record. JPL have made this album the way they want to make it, and they sound awesome for it.  The hipsters will hate it, but who gives a fuck? This is a great album, and if it wasn’t for the fact that many of my very favourite bands have released this year, this would be well up there as one of my favourite records of the year. Bravo Jetplane Landing, bravo Smalltown America.

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