More Than Conquerors – Everything I’ve Learnt

Northern Ireland is hardly the first place that springs to mind when one thinks of a breeding ground of exciting young bands. This however, is a gross overlooking of a seemingly endless pool of talent, often brought into the limelight by scene stars Smalltown America and most recently highlighted by this, the debut full length release from MORE THAN CONQUERORS. The band have been steadily building a fan base for the last three years, hailing their sounds from influences such as Hundred Reasons, Idlewild and Reuben whilst tinging the sound with American emo ala Brand New, and bringing huge Biffy Clyro-esqe hooks to the table in what is a majorly endearing formula.

Kris Platt’s strong Irish vocals sound biblical throughout, every lyric is clearly heartfelt and that impresses upon the listener greatly whilst the grungey riffage of Danny Ball keeps every song really fresh and the band avoid the often-treaded-path of an alt-rock album merging into one big distorted mess. The band narrowly avoided the running out of steam issue that many first albums can be drawn into, and the end of the album still sounds energetic, although not as much so, as the opening few tracks.

It’s on tracks such as ‘Pits of Old’ that the band really shine; an anthemic effort very reminiscent of the genre’s heroes really does hold the band in good stead for the future, songs like this will adhere to the desires of the rock-accepting demographic of radio listener and this can only do the band a favour in terms of listener numbers and a further swelling of their already adoring fan base.

More Than Conquerors have given the UK post-hardcore scene a real kicking with this record; they’re by no means the new kids on the block but they’ve come storming through with an LP that has breathed life into a scene that was not so much in danger of going stale but resting on it’s laurels with firm favourites and hipster wannabes in every crevice. This album is by no means the record of the year, but it’s exciting new material from a young, hungry band who can only go from strength to strength on the back of it.


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