A Quick Conversation With Rob Lynch

On the day he flies Stateside to play on the 42 date extravaganza that is the Vans Warped Tour, we’ve quickly caught up with folk-punk troubadour ROB LYNCH to talk about why 2014 has been pretty special so far…

Hey Rob, thanks for finding the time to chat. 3 lots of big news recently, so let’s start with the debut album is out later this year, can you tell us about it?

It’s the culmination of a year’s hard work. I started the recording process with Shane Henderson and Trevor Leonard (from the band, Valencia) back in November ’12, and then I spent the whole of last summer getting completely stuck into the songs, reworking them and recording some new ones with Sam Duckworth and Jay Malhotra at Amazing Grace studio in Hoxton, until I was completely happy with the album as a complete entity. The running theme of the album is positivity in the face of aversion, and is called, “All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul”.

Xtra Mile Recordings have an incredible roster, what attracted to you them as a label when they came knocking?

I admire the work that they’ve put in with a number of homegrown artists, but also how they’ve put out fantastic releases from bands from further afield. The pedigree is really high.

So when will we have a date for the album do you think?

TBC. After the summer!

Secondly, you recently did a 6 date tour with ex-Fightstar man Charlie Simpson, how was it?

Yeah, it was exciting. The venues sizes were really nice in terms of being able to connect with people, and a bunch of them sold out in advance so there was a real buzz inside the rooms. Charlie’s a good guy, so it was fun to hang out for a week.

And finally, the video for “My Friends & I” came out recently, which is a particular favourite of mine, that’s not a new song is it?

It’s not a new song, but it is a new recording of it. the original was on my self-titled EP in 2011. This is the song in the space of the album and in 2014.

6. What made you want to film a video for that particular song then?

It was one of the obvious singles from the album, and it was a fun song to choose a treatment for. We had a great day filming it.

And it’ll be on the album?


Thanks to Rob for finding the time to chat!

The video for “My Friends & I” can be found here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVoHhU7GKY

Rob Lynch Website
Rob Lynch Facebook
Rob Lynch Twitter
Rob Lynch Bandcamp

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