RIP JL&TSS – Long Live Solemn Sun!

Over the past 6-9 months, news coming out of the camp of Cheltenham’s JIM LOCKEY & THE SOLEMN SUN has been few and far between. Going back to October 2013 the band seemed to be on the up; a superb new single, a headline UK tour and the signs of a new album all over social media.

However, after the release of ‘Wilderness of a Wild Youth’, the supposed first single from JL&TSS album #3, the band went deadly silent. Mixed signals from the band’s members on Twitter had left fans confused and wondering what would happen, and the sad but honest thoughts of many were that the band would call it a day.

However whilst at 2000trees festival last weekend, a festival just outside the band’s home town of Cheltenham and one that they have played very regularly, rumours began to circulate that indeed the band would be ceasing to exist in their current form, but that all was not lost. Late on the Friday night, yours truly heard of the potential of a Jim Lockey solo acoustic set behind the door to ‘Room No. 7’, a tiny stage in the middle of the forest so decided to head on down. Obviously, word had gotten around but we managed to get in, and indeed there was Jim and his acoustic guitar.

Playing a set of all of JL&TSS’ best tracks, Jim announced that indeed the band were stopping, and that they were going “in a different direction”. He followed this by saying “it’s been great having you as fans, and if you want to come with us then great…”, insinuating that perhaps this wasn’t a basic band break up.

Piecing together the facts, with a bit of guess work, we sussed that perhaps Jim and the boys were perhaps staying together, dropping the name and changing their musical style. Today, this has been confirmed.

SOLEMN SUN have announced their arrival with a video for single ‘Josef’, which you can check out right here:

Speaking about the new venture, Jim said: “We’d reached the juncture where most would wander the beaten path and churn out a carbon copy of the last effort. Having little time for bands that stagnate and even less for being consumed by the scene we found ourselves in, we decided we would take our band back from what it became. We would re-establish ourselves as people, reinvent the band we are and restart our journey again on our own terms.”

Fair play to the lads, the single sounds great and we can apparently expect an EP to follow later this year.

Catch Solemn Sun on the following two shows before anyone else:

06 – BRISTOL Exchange
07 – LONDON Old Blue Last

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