Hawk Eyes @ The Louisiana, Bristol – 16/02/15

The temperature may be subzero on the cold streets of Bristol, but inside The Louisiana it doesn’t long for things to warm up.

The British music scene is about to get a very loud, much needed awakening in the form of God Damn who bring their very own brand of thrash noise to the evening. The two piece band hailing from Wolverhampton make one hell of a racket. Think Bleach era Nirvana crossed with DZ Deathrays, the result is truly something to behold. Drummer Ash Weaver pounds the skins with ferocious urgency, whilst singer and guitarist, Thom Edward, screams every word as if he’s just witnessed everything he’s ever loved being slaughtered right before his eyes. The crowd is more than receptive, and as Edward leaves the stage to hand the guitar to the audience, whilst the screech of feedback resonates through the venue, its pretty clear we’ll be hearing a lot more from God Damn in the coming months.

Next up are headline act, Hawk Eyes. The Leeds rockers have just released their third album ‘Everything Is Fine‘ to rave reviews, and it’s not hard to see why. Starting the show with album opener ‘The Trap’, followed by ‘The Ambassador’ they tear through a showcasing set of new material as well as a few old gems and it’s clear from the outset that they have damn near mastered their craft. Like God Damn before them, stage chat is kept to a minimum which is no issue when songs like ‘Die Trying’ speak for themselves. The ‘Hey, broken bones, please take me home’ refrain from the lead single is destined to become a sing along moment of the near future. It’s a shame that there weren’t more in attendance, as a few more bodies moving around the place could have taken the night from good, to great.

Truthfully, it’s astounding that nearly 10 years into their career Hawk Eyes are playing venues this size, they certainly have the songs and musicianship to fill a bigger space. As it stands they are currently one of Britain’s best kept secrets, and based on tonight’s evidence, I think it’s time we all let it out.


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