A Conversation With Creeper

If you’re yet to hear of Creeper, then you must’ve been living under a gargantuan rock for the last 9 months. The band, made of former members of Our Time Down Here, Doomed From Day One, Hang The Bastard and The Afterparty deliver a darker version of a melodic punk sound. We tipped them to be “Ones To Watch in 2015“, their Palm Reader Records released 5 track EP is a belter and they’ve toured with some massive bands. Currently out on tour with the awesome Moose Blood, they’re set to roll through Swindon on Sunday (8th March) and we caught up with front man Will Gould to chat influences, festivals and board games…


TCOV – We know you guys are a merger of other bands, how did Creeper come about?

WG – Ian and I had known Sina from his time in Hang The Bastard. We’d gotten drunk a few times and he’d been to see us play in Our Time Down Here a bunch too. When our band finally called it a day, he contacted us about maybe jamming and putting something together.

After years of being on the road, we weren’t at all ready to start again. So we left it for some time. Then it finally all clicked, we met up and started talking, quite fittingly I suppose, on the eve of Halloween in 2013. At first we were going to do a hardcore band and we’d demo’d a bunch of harder sounding songs before we settled on what we do now. I lived with Dan who played drums and Sean heard about this thing we were doing and got in tough with us. It’s all been a very natural process. I don’t think it would have ever worked another way.

Your debut EP is a massive favourite, when are we getting a full length release?

Thank you very much! I’m not sure when a full length will be happening. But there will 100% be new music from us soon. We’re in the process of that right now actually.

You’ve got an ace mix of melodic vocals and a touching on hardcore sound backing it, who are your major musical influences as a band?

Well we played hardcore punk for the longest time, so I suppose that naturally seeps though in everything we do. Obviously early AFI, Alkaline Trio are influences. But also The Bouncing Souls, The Ergs, Lifetime and Jawbreaker are all bands that are important to what we do and that we draw from.

Your logo and imagery seems to lean heavily towards gothic material (including the ace Stephen King t-shirt!), where does that come in for you guys?

I think it comes from growing up with The Misfits, The Cramps etc. But it’s a very natural and comfortable thing for us. I was an art student in college and Ian studied film at university, so we find it kinda neat to have fun with presentation and are always thinking of the band as more than just a bunch of songs. We have nights where we just hangout and talk about imagery. We’re all very hands on with every aspect of the band.

You’ve been a band less than a year, but you’ve already supported the likes of Gnarwolves, More Than Life and Funeral For A Friend. And now obviously this tour with Moose Blood. How much different is a support gig to a headline show?

Yeah it sounds crazy when you say it like that! I guess we don’t see it as any different, we just play as hard as we can and with exactly the same conviction. I suppose you do get the time to do more at a headline show in terms of your set though.

As well as Takedown and FestiVILE, you’ve been announced for our favourite festival, 2000trees! Have you been before? How much do you know about Trees?

I’ve never been before, some of my friends have been before and say it’s a lot of fun though. We’re all extremely excited to come and play, plus a lot of our friends are playing this year too!

We don’t necessarily like the word ‘scene’, so what’re your views on the state of punk music in the UK at the moment?

I think it’s in a very good place right now. Gnarwolves have got a lot of younger kids back into punk music again and it’s exciting. I feel like we have some really good bands in the UK right now that are making waves. We’re doing a festival on Saturday and on our stage alone is Milk Teeth, Decade and Moose Blood. It’s an exciting time.

Any bands to look out for then? We’ve had some great tips in the past…

Grader, Boston Manor, Milk Teeth, Hindsights, Happy Accidents, Up River, Nathan Detroit, Svalbard are all great bands.

What’s been your strangest experience on the road?

Well last month when we were out with Funeral For A Friend we witnessed a full on biker fight outside a club which was a bit nuts. Most of the stuff that happens on tour is probably not exciting to anyone but us though.

What sort of thing do you get up to on tour, any Creeper traditions?

Well we love to drink and to go a lot as boring and typical as that sounds, our tour manager told us this morning that our 6 person touring party drank 120 beers somehow how on the last night of the last tour.I’m vegan so I’m always on the lookout for cool places to eat too. Last tour we also taped down a Cluedo board to the table in the back of the van so we could play while we drive. We are quickly becoming the worlds greatest detectives.

And finally, why should the good people of Swindon come out on Sunday?

Swindon should come to the show as it’s the first time we’ve ever played there and we’re going to set it off. Plus we’re coming with Moose Blood! That’s a line up you can’t afford to miss man!

Thanks to Will for being rad, tickets to the Swindon show are available from See Tickets and WeGotTickets so come on down!