Introducing… Calls Landing

Leeds-based four-piece Calls Landing will release their debut album ‘Heirlooms’ on 11thMay, 2015.

The first track to be revealed from the full-length is titled ‘Belgium’ the accompanying music video for which can be viewed above. This song has separate sentimental meaning depending on which band member you ask. The music, originally conceived by Charlie Thomas (drums), served as a perfect platform for Joe Armitage (vocals) to write about a weekend back in May 2014. As he says – “In the weeks leading up to it, I had been feeling the pressures of university deadlines amongst other more personal things and this weekend served as the perfect three days away at Groezrock festival in Belgium with some of my best friends. It was an escape from the realities I had back home and inspired me to write these lyrics.”

‘Heirlooms’ is a journey through issues such as anxiety and distrust, alongside experiences of both important and transient personal relationships but ultimately is a beacon of positivity and hope in life. Full to the rafters of hooks and potential singalong favourites, Calls Landing’s unique brand of emotive melodic goodness is poised to take them far.

Cameron Hurley (Bass/Vocals), Jordan Rio Hill (Guitar) and Charlie met studying Music Production together at Leeds College of Music, then crossed paths with Joe and former guitarist Jonny on hazy nights out in Leeds. The musical sparks instantly ignited between everyone and the band was formed. They played their first show at Cockpit Room 3 on June 4th 2011. Continuing to play as many shows as they could, Calls Landing went on to release two EPs before entering HQ Studios in Manchester on 1st of July 2014. The band tracked the album with Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest/Citizen(US)/Allusondrugs). And now we’re here.

17th March – The Packhorse, Leeds
9th April – Stag and Hounds, Bristol (w/Steady Hands)
10th April – Le Pub, Newport (w/Steady Hands)
18th April – DQ, Sheffield



  1. Crutch // 2. Tightrope // 3. Golden // 4. Gravity // 5. Patrick // 6. Belgium //
  1. Sorry About The Weather // 8. Pretty World // 9. Bookshelf // 10. Ursa Minor //

    11. Ursa Major (Heirlooms)


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