TCOV’s Guide To Groezrock 2015

With everyone’s favourite punk festival taking place next weekend, we’ve taken the time to look over the line up and running order and create a guide to the bands you should (and realistically can!) see in a field in Meerhout, Belgium on 1st/2nd May. So without further ado, here we go:


Joyce Manor
Monster Energy Stage (12:00-12:35)

Why would we start anywhere else than the festival’s main stage soaking up the sun (ha!) with these Californian emo-punks. Prepare for a barrage of material from last year’s wonderful ‘Never Hungover Again

The Swellers
Monster Energy Stage (13:00 – 13:35)

Do not miss this chance to catch The Swellers for the last time, after this short run they’re calling it a day so this is a must-see set of the weekend

The Revenge Stage (13:30 – 14:05)

Despite that heartfelt farewell to The Swellers, I’d leave early because I freakin’ love Gnarwolves. No introduction needed, go see the Brighton punks take the roof off The Revenge Stage.

Against Me!
Monster Energy Stage (16:10 – 16:55)

The creators of one of our favourite albums of 2014, Laura Jane Grace and co. have hits for days and are the perfect band to sink a cold one too whilst singing at the top of your lungs… “THE REVOLUTION WAS A LIE!”

The Smith Street Band
The Revenge Stage (17:10 – 17:50)

Currently on a UK tour with Gnarwolves, the Aussie punks have also been on the road with the likes of Frank Turner in the past and were another band in our top 10 records of the year 2014 – a full-blooded live act

Monster Energy Stage (21:15 – 22:15)

Having seen Trash Talk at 2000 Trees last year, I’d miss them for Fat Wreck’s Lagwagon on the main stage. Tear it up, lads.

Monster Energy Stage (22:45 – 23:45)

It’d pain me greatly to miss Title Fight, but how can I not go and see Jim Lindberg and co.? Just check out the live video below, it’s all you need to know.

Social Distortion
Monster Energy Stage (00:15 – 01:30)

Creators of one of the best punk rock albums in history (2011’s ‘Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes‘, if you were wondering), the Cali blues-punks will be a fitting day to day #1 in Belgium


The Real McKenzies
Monster Energy Stage (13:00 – 13:35)

My favourite Celtic punk band that aren’t Dropkick Murphys, the bagpipe-centric Scots-Canadian band have just released new album ‘Rats in the Burlap‘ on Fat Wreck Chords and it’s a belter. Kick your hangover by… drinking a shit tonne of whisky and dancing, hard.

Off With Their Heads
Monster Energy Stage (14:00 – 14:40)

Stay put, because if the McKenzies didn’t manage it then this brand of melodic hardcore from Minneapolis will blow away any Friday night cobwebs you have left. 2013 album ‘Home‘ was all kinds of awesome, well worth a look.

Teenage Bottlerocket
Monster Energy Stage (15:05 – 15:45)

Our album of the year so far, ‘Tales From Wyoming‘ is a masterpiece of pop-hook infused punk rock and their feel-good tunes are a great way to spend part of your afternoon. Main stage Saturday is looking excellent!

Frenzal Rhomb
Monster Energy Stage (16:10 – 16:55)

Crude, abusive and very very Australian, skate punks Frenzal Rhomb are a band I’ve wanted to see for years. This is bound to be a whole load of fun.

Ducking Punches
Macbeth/Blackstar Stage (16:55 – 17:25)

The East-Anglians are making a name for themselves around the UK as a band not to miss live, so it’d be rude not to go and see them. The first venture from the main stage, and the first British band of Saturday. Well played, DP.

Back To Basics Stage (20:30 – 21:10)

Keith Morris’ hardcore supergroup are a live powerhouse, anyone who saw them slay the UK last Autumn or indeed picked up their Record Store Day release last week will be testament to that. They’ll probably be able to play about 50 songs in a 40 minute set, so come prepared.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Monster Energy Stage (21:15-22:15)

Run run run your ass back to the main stage now, as Boston’s finest ska-core outfit are in town and they’re bringing the party! With nothing in particular to promote, expect a greatest hits set, and boy do they have plenty. Skank away.

Agnostic Front
Impericon Stage (22:15 – 23:05)

NYHC at it’s finest, another band bound to thrash through more songs than there are minutes in their set! 35 years into their career, and no sign of showing down for these guys.

Monster Energy Stage (00:15 – 01:30)

Everyone thought Refused were dead and buried as a band after 2012’s comeback, but here they are again ready to bring Groezrock 2015 to a close. With rumours of a new album on the horizon, keep your ears peeled for new material!

So there’s that wrapped up! Enjoy next weekend everybody, love live punk rock!



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