A Conversation with Rob Lynch

Almost a year to the day since we last spoke to Rob Lynch, we find ourselves stood outside event control at 2000trees, chatting once again. Since we last spoke Rob’s been on Warped Tour, joined the roster at Xtra Mile Recordings and released a début full-length album…


TCOV – So how’s summer treating you so far Rob?

RL – All good man, we’re just gearing up for festival season so we’re pretty sprightly and fresh at the moment!

Lucky you! So you’re writing at the moment aren’t you?

Yeah album #2 is well underway, another full length on its way

Well we loved album #1, how are you feeling about the ‘tricky sophomore’ cliché?

I’m not feeling that way at all to be honest, because I wrote the first one quite a long time ago so I’m feeling fresh, I’m excited. And the songs that I’ve been writing, I feel like they’re a progression, you know, it still sounds like Rob Lynch songs but it doesn’t sound like the second part to the first album

That’s great, because a lot of those first album songs were EPs and the like weren’t they?

Yeah that’s right. This is the first time we’re actually recording as a full band and I think we know which direction we’re heading in, rather than “that was a bunch of songs written over about 7 years lets record them”, this is a bunch of songs written over 8/9 months.

So the first album featured a band, you’ve now starting playing live with them… was that always a natural progression in your mind?

Yeah… it was something I always wanted to do but my hand was kind of forced! I got offered a tour in Germany with this big German artist and it was like 1,000/2,000 capacity rooms a night. I thought “oh cool I’ll do that solo”, and they came back with “no mate you have to do it as a band”… so I just said I’d put a band together and make it work, we had 2 practices and then our first show was in front of 1,400 people! So I just thought “I guess that’s it then!” And we learnt a lot from that, there’s been a line up change because there’s a friend who could only do that tour so that’s when we got Jonny (Ward, guitar) came in and he’s been a permanent member since.

Ace! In the lead up to Trees, I saw that Chris (Pennels, guitar) of (headliners) Deaf Havana put you down as one of the acts he really wanted to see at this festival, is it nice to get recognition like that from your peers?

Oh did he? Oh that’s nice… he’s a lovely chap Chris Pennels. Oh very nice! Well if it’s anything they’re one of mine today too. And yeah that is nice, it’s a very kind of small close-knit scene where everyone knows everyone so that’s cool.

As a newcomer to Trees, what’ve you heard about the festival?

Only good things man, only really positive really community driven vibes. It seems that half the people on my label are playing too! What I like about it is you look at the line up and it’s one of the very best I’ve seen this summer, and it’s majority British bands which I think is a really positive thing for everyone

So are we looking at Xtra Mile for the new album?

Yeah I dunno we haven’t really had those talks yet, but it’s a wicked label so hopefully! We’ll see…

You said you’re gearing up for festival season at the moment, do you prefer that to a regular touring schedule?

I don’t know… Last summer I didn’t do the whole UK/EU festival circuit because I was out on Warped Tour which is a very different festival experience in itself. It’s pretty difficult to put (Warped Tour) into words really, it’s like a 2 month travelling circus with the same bands in every city, there’s no escaping! It’s long, it’s hot, you have the best times of your life, you have the worst times of your life, it’s just incredible. So it’ll be nice to jump in a van this summer and play some shows to people who know who we are rather than having to you know, sell your soul to 14 year old Attila fans.

Last thing then, Trees in particular has a reputation for supporting underground, up and coming bands, especially British ones. You’ve done the underground scene for quite some time now, what piece of advice would you give a band/artist looking to break through?

I’ve been asked that quite a few times, and I know it’s clichéd but I have to say just don’t give up, it’s so easy to give up because you play to about 10 people a night sometimes, and I did that for many years. But it’s having that belief, if you believe in what you’re doing and you think it’s good enough then you’ve got to stick at it because eventually it will come good. Yeah, stay strong, and be interested in not having a lot of money, ever! But you’ve got to do it for the experience and for the good times. For me, if I can look back at my life and be poor but I’ve had the best experience I could’ve possibly had in my life then I’d take that over dying in a 5 bed mansion with a fucking Mercedes Benz and a Bentley outside.

Thanks to Rob for being a gent, and playing a fantastic set in The Croft that afternoon! Rob is playing UK Warped Tour at Alexandra Palace in October, tickets are available here

Keep up with Rob in all the usual places:

Facebook // Twitter // MusicGlue // Bandcamp

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