A Conversation With Allusondrugs

At the beginning of the year, we named noisy Castleford 5-piece Allusondrugs one of our “Ones To Watch For 2015” (full list here) so we we’re going to turn down the opportunity to chat when it came up at 2000 Trees last month…


TCOV – Hey! So what’s going on with Allusondrugs at the moment?

AUOD – There’s gonna be some releases, we can’t go into too much detail but you’ll find out soon enough what’s going on! There’s one that’s very iminent… a single with a video will be the first thing, we’ve also got another one, our first ever vinyl, which is out in September, which is gonna be fucking awesome, pardon my french! The songs, when we’ve listened to them, are probably some of the best stuff we’ve ever recorded. I personally think, anyway! And then following that, a live vinyl as well, a live in the studio album. As live as you can get!

Wow, that all sounds exciting! I interviewed Harry from Brawlers last year and I asked him who I should check out, and he said that your (at the time) new track ‘Nervous’ was insane and you were awesome guys…

Oh well thankyou Harry, what a gent.

How do you guys know each other then?

Leeeeeeds. We’re from Castleford, but we say we’re from Leeds because it’s the nearest city and no-one’s ever heard of Castleford. The guys in Brawlers have all been in other bands haven’t they, I knew Ant (Brawlers bassist) even before moving to Yorkshire because he was in a band I was into called Castrovalva and then when I moved up and met the other guys in AUOD they said they knew Ant so that was cool. Harry was bassist for Dinosaur Pile-Up wasn’t he, so that’s cool. Him and his red hat.

Yeah always the red hat… even here last year it was 30 degrees and he still had the red hat on…

I saw him the other day without the hat on actually, and I meant to take a photo but then decided against it…

So am I right in saying that you guys have never played here before today?

Nope, first time!

So what’ve you heard about Trees then?

Loads of good things. There’s a documentary online about it, I was watching them before. It’s a really independent, sort of, you know a 5,000 capacity festival? Wicked! it’s all close-knit as well so you haven’t got miles to walk between each stage. It’s what you want, a nice community feel and you can tell that everybody is here for the music. You get a vibe that everybody is having a good time, and everyone is looking out for each other. That’s what I’ve always been told by people who come here, a lot of people say it’s their favourite festival in the UK.

It’s definitely ours!

It’s literally 100th the size of Glastonbury, and it’s still as wicked. Which is cool.

So how does festival season compare to normal touring for you guys? What do you prefer?

I actually prefer normal touring, to be honest. Festival season is fun, but you play a show a week. With constant touring you’re playing every night. Festival season has it’s pluses because you get to spend the whole day there, whereas a headline show has a certain routine, but depending what time you’re on at a festival you get to muck about before and after and have some fun. We’ve played already today, so I’m gonna spend the rest of the weekend getting drunk and watching bands that I love. Alkaline Trio, Milk Teeth, today is full of wicked bands.

Earlier on this year you went on a massive tour with Enter Shikari and two other Trees acts, Feed The Rhino and Fatherson! How was that with those guys?

Brilliant! Shikari are amazing, arguably the biggest DIY band that exist at the minute, I’d say. They’ve had a hard slog to get where they are and they do everything as a family. It’s like a family run thing, they’re still really down to earth and the venues were unbelievable. Some of them are scary! High roofs, massive crowds. To be able to play two sold-out shows at The Roundhouse was incredible, not very many bands get to say that they’ve done that. It’s iconic, and you can see why when you play there. It’s completely round, and there’s pillars everywhere… it’s really cool. The best thing about touring with Shikari was that we learnt a lot. Those guys have been touring for years, they know exactly the ins and outs of your daily routine, and stuff that you can do better, and when we watched them play every night we got a lot from it. It’s done so professionally.

Are they as nuts as they seem? When they get on stage it’s like they’ve been wound up and let loose…

They’re chilled beforehand but we went to the after party after the last show and I suspect that some of them are a little bit more open and mental when they’ve had a few beers later on! Work hard an play hard with those guys.

We spoke a little bit earlier about releases, how far off it a full length from you guys?

We’re not telling you! it’ll be out when it’s out, just wait everybody, please.

And finally, this festival has a real reputation for supporting up and coming bands, what one piece of advice would you give to an up-and-coming band?

Play. Work work work, very very hard. Providing the songs are good, just drop everything else, play as much as you can, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing to 2 people in a fucking shed, go and play all the time. That’s literally all it is. People as us “how did you get on tour with this band, how did you do this and that” and we don’t even know!! We just play show after show and the rest will come really. If you play to 2 people at one place you’ve never played before, that’s good. The next time you play there they bring a mate, you play to 4, 8, 24… that’s how it works. It’s a cliché that works, try and play 3/4 shows a week, anywhere. We had to play shows for about half a year and it was costing us to play those shows. We weren’t getting paid, a lot of bands say “we’re not playing a gig unless we get 2 or 3 hundred quid but they’ve got no following, so why would that happen. It’s like starting a business really, you make losses and then you build from there. Speculate to accumulate! You’ve got to be in it for the right reasons too, if you go into music with the dillusion that you’re gonna be famous and everyone’s gonna love you right away you’ll bail. You’ve got to love doing it, and if you love doing it you’ll keep doing it, then it’ll be all you wanna do forever. You can see that from people that are there now, like Shikari. They still absolutely love it every time they step on stage, every show is as intense and as good as the last. That’s what you’ve got to do, never get down about it and give 110% to every show.

Thanks for AUOD for being ace, and keep your eyes peeled for those releases!

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