Dinosaur Pile-Up – Eleven Eleven

Dinosaur Pile-Up is a modern alternative rock band from Leeds, Yorkshire. They play heavy grunge like music in the vein of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. Despite the similarities, Dinosaur Pile-Up have spent the last 8 years crafting a unique identity for themselves. Speed and aggression get them through albums and shows, and latest record Eleven Eleven is no exception.


The record opens with the crushing eponymous single and the band start matters as they mean to go on. Distorted guitars are the main course on offer complimented by some heavy drumwork. ’11:11’, ‘Anxiety Trip’ and ‘Willow Tree’ pack some serious crunch and it certainly feels some of the tracks flow more cohesively than on previous album ‘Nature Nurture’. Contrary to this I certainly feel as a listener that vocalist Matt Bigland’s singing has improved and it lets him sing for longer in tracks which adds elements we haven’t seen before on their tracks.

My only criticism of the record is how it hasn’t really, apart from the title track, got any ear catching songs. Maybe this is a naive view having only listened to the album a few times but I could remember the chorus from ‘White T-Shirt & Jeans’, ‘Peninsula’, ‘Arizona Waiting’, in fact most of the songs off the last record.

Eleven Eleven is a solid record from one of England’s finest and most reliable rock bands. Although nothing groundbreaking it’s a fun ride from start to finish. The saddest thing for this band is that they were born twenty years too late, and could have been a big thing in the nineties.

FFO – Pulled Apart By Horses, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains

– James Hunt



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