Young Guns @ Old Blue Last, London – 05/11/15

Having exploded back onto the scene over the past twelve months with their fantastic new record, ‘One’s and Zeros‘, it’s time for Young Guns to round off their year with an intimate show at one of London’s sweatiest pubs.


First up tonight are Southampton’s DEAD. They have a surprising stage presence for such an unknown band, displaying a style reminiscent of My Chemical Romance and Brand New. The songs they perform have hints of greatness and are designed for bigger rooms than this. An enjoyable set and it’s great that it hasn’t ended with their microphone tucked under my armpit.

Next on the bill are Black Foxxes. These guys bring a much crunchier tone to the table with licks of Nirvana prominent in the music. Their five song set feels very short but with promises of a debut album in the next few months there’s enough to leave me interested for what’s coming next for them.

Young Guns finally emerge onstage at about ten thirty to an explosive ‘Rising Up‘. The room heats up very quickly and there’s sweat dripping from the ceiling before the second song has even finished. Despite the size of the stage the energy coming from the band tonight is phenomenal and it’s a massive shame how flat the crowd responds, although a few tracks cause mass jumping throughout the crowd; ‘I Want Out‘, ‘Bones‘ and ‘I Was Born I Have Lived I Will Surely Die‘. Even inclusion of golden oldie ‘Daughter of the Sea‘ causes a lot less raucous screaming than one would expect.

While it’s a solid performance from a band coming out of the best year of their career so far, it’s a shame to see their home town crowd reacting so minimally to the effort they’re putting in. With the band promising to release a new album by next summer we can only hope it strikes a little firmer at the hearts of their UK audience.

James Hunt – @jameshunt211293

(Image by the lovely Captured By Corinne – go check her out!)

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