Mayday Parade @ o2 Academy, Bristol – 27/01/16

We sent our man Dan Buckingham to the o2 Academy in Bristol last week to catch a 4 band extravaganza, headlined by Florida pop-punks Mayday Parade. Read on to see what he made of it!

Opening the show so soon after doors is a difficult task for any band and although the crowd quickly fills the room and is appreciative, Beautiful Bodies are going to need more tricks up their sleeve if they wish to achieve any longevity. In a scene saturated with so many similar (and quite frankly better) bands song like, ‘Capture and Release‘ come off like a Pvris b-side that fails to leave any lasting impression.

Watch this space when it comes to Have Mercy. Taking cues from the likes of The Early November and The Jealous Sound the 5 piece band haling from Baltimore are destined for big things. Despite gracing the stage whilst the night is still young, they play a solid set to a receptive crowd, even garnering a sing a long to stand out track ‘Let’s Talk About Your Hair‘ It’s clear by the movement of the crowd and the growing volume of appreciation that Have Mercy have made some new fans tonight.

Pop-Punk ages at about ten times the speed of any other genre. If you think back to when Mayday Parade first emerged, there aren’t many bands still around that came up with them. However, much like the headline act, The Maine are one of the few that have. Having ditched the teenage sound of days gone by The Maine of 2016 offer a more mature, developed, and straight up ‘rock’ sound whilst still retaining their pop sensibilities. With a set leaning heavily towards their latest release (2015’s ‘American Candy‘) frontman, John O’Callaghan engages the crowd with ease and confidence and is visibly delighted at the reception his band are being given. Whilst the volume of positive recognition is high for every song, it is older classics that inspire a truly deafening level of screams. ‘Everything I Ask For’ and ‘Girls Do What They Want’ threaten to blow the headliners off the stage and as the house lights go up, it’s clear that if The Maine can carry on an upwards trajectory, it won’t be too long before they headline venues of this size themselves.

Mayday Parade hit the stage at 9:45 and the excitement has reached fever pitch. Launching straight into ‘One Of Them Will Destroy The Other’, the band sound reinvigorated and tighter than ever. From the first note to the very last, Derek Sanders has the crowd hanging on his every word and has a smile that does not leave his face the entirety of his hour long set. Despite the change in sound of new album ‘Black Lines‘, Mayday Parade blend in newer material seamlessly alongside favourites, ‘Jamie All Over‘ and ‘Miserable At Best’. Truthfully, few would have ever imagined Mayday Parade would one day headline 2000+ capacity venues, however given their triumphant performance tonight, there’s no reason they shouldn’t aim for even bigger and better things, they certainly deserve it, and all the evidence suggests it is only a matter of time.



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