Ho99o9 reveal new single ‘Blood Waves’ with interactive music video

Ho99o9 (Horror), the fast-paced thrashing mutant freax with an insatiable propensity for world order, peace, anarchy, chaos & macabre. DEATH KULT – 999 resembles one with self, free spirit, no Gods, borders, masters, rules, religion, race, good nor evil, but mutual adoration of all in the presence of humanity and life. 


Kult membership is as follows; theOGM (Blüe Face) kills the roaches, Eaddy (Yeti) controls the chaos: dynamic psychopaths hailing from the unexplored depths of the bowels of the New Jersey sewers, along with a deranged drummer by way of purgatory who shreds until deceased.

Influenced by pain, death of individuality, our decaying & oppressive society, lightening, thunder, the underbelly of urban core, DOOM, the color blüe, & freedom of expression. Experimental, atomic energy mashed with a gut wrenching, shape-shifting, evisceration of genre explodes into style-defying spawns of sonically aggressive hip-hop, brutal rap, hardcore punk, noise, & thrash metal into one untamable force of the universe.




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