Muncie Girls – From Caplan to Belsize

Exeter punk trio Muncie Girls have been tipped as ones to watch in 2016 by many of the mainstream rock press which is quite a feat given they come from a scene which despite producing some of the best British guitar music of the decade so far, has been largely ignored by the mainstream British music press. Here we have the band’s debut full length release ‘From Caplan to Belsize’ on Specialist Subject records.

Muncie - by Ryan Mackfall

It’s clear from the albums opening track Learn In School that Muncie Girls are a band who believe the hype they’ve been given; this is an anthemic song which sounds like it belongs in academies rather than the small venues the band are currently playing. Whilst it begins unspectacularly its tempo and energy in the instrumentation steadily builds towards a terrific final third of the track. Drummer Luke Ellis provides a stand-out performance here with some of the finest drumming you’re likely to hear on a record all year.

Lead single Respect is without a doubt the strongest track on this record. This song sees bassist Lande Hekt deliver a terrific angst ridden vocal performance with lyrics which launch a scathing attack on the misogyny and rape culture present in British society. What really makes this song so fantastic is how it takes genuine angst & important subject matter and manages to turn it into a memorable anthem which is catchy as fuck in a way that would make Nirvana proud!

Whilst the album provides several tracks near the standard of Respect there are sadly a few tracks on here which are much less impressive. Social Side in the middle of the album seeks to act as an interlude of sorts; its instrumentation is painfully uninteresting. The track sounds like something you’d listen to when being put on hold when phoning your bank which is a shame as lyrically the song is pretty decent with Hekt offering her thoughts on family and her influences.

Muncie Girls - From Caplan To Belsize (Digital Cover)

From Caplan To Belsize is a solid debut from Muncie Girls, you can expect to find some killer instrumentation and some genuine angst dealing with a manner of interesting lyrical themes delivered through some really memorable choruses. This might not be the most spectacular punk record you’re likely to hear in 2016 but it has some real high quality moments which showcase the undoubtedly talent in this band, where the albums falls flat is its consistency, for every great track on this record there’s one which is only decent. Muncie Girls are a raw diamond and are well worth keeping an eye on for the future, especially if they can write a record where all the tracks are up to the standard of Respect.

Cameron Law – @Deadend_Friend

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