More bands for Camden Rocks

Camden Rocks have added a further 20 bands to the bill, including Las Vegas rockers Escape The Fate.


The bill, which will reach in excess of 200 bands by the time they have all been announced, also features the likes of Young Guns, We Are The Ocean, InMe, Ginger Wildheart, Billy Bragg, Johnny Foreigner, Norma Jean, SikTh, Creeper, Sonic Boom Six, Zoax, The Hell and many more.

The latest additions are: Escape The Fate, Room 94, Deadcuts, The Amorettes, Amaryllis, Chapter and Verse, Them&Us, Reverted, Chasing Cadence, Stoneghost, This Be The Verse, Lost Gravity, Sisteray, Drones, Leika, Odd Rival, The Kut, Mystified, Raleigh Rye and Gabriella Jones.

Camden Rocks will take place on the 4th June across more than twenty venues in the London borough. Full details and tickets are available via the official website.


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