Tellison @ Bar Bloc, Glasgow – 29/03/2016

Over a decade into their career now; London based Indie quartet Tellison have developed a reputation as one of Britain’s hardest working touring bands. Tonight they were at Bar Bloc in Glasgow to promote their third record: 2015’s Hope Fading Nightly which was widely acclaimed among the UK’s underground music scene.

Opening up the show were Exeter trio Muncie Girls who’s brand of punk rock built around a high tempo, catchy hooks and scathing social commentary sounded very slick. The band chose to build this set around the best tracks from their debut album along with a few older songs from splits. Opening up with lead single Respect set a fast tempo which remained a constant throughout the set which saw the half hour fly by. Instrumentally Muncie Girls sound as tight as any band around at the moment however I feel vocalist Lande Hekts could do with adding a bit more anger into the vocal performance. Overall Muncie Girls are a band with a ton of potential and we’ll no doubt see them moving onto more headline shows in bigger venues if they continue to ride the crest of a wave they are on right now.

After a half hour interlude it was time for headliners Tellison. Opening up on Helix & Ferman from Hope Fading Nightly was a great choice as it started the set off with a real bang, after six month of this record having been out its clear the band are very confident playing the new material with the crowd being just as invested as in older material. The biggest compliment that can be paid to this set is that the 16 tracks played flew by as the quarter treated us to rockier numbers from The Wages of Fear such as Collarbone and Horses along with slower songs such as Freud Links the Teeth & The Heart and Boy which saw guitarist Pete Phillips to take over on vocals. It’s a testament to how good Tellison are that they can deliver fast and slow tracks just as well, these were spaced out nicely so the set never got repetitive. This set was brought to a close with fan favourite Get On which is a track that sounds like it belongs on a much bigger stage than well, a venue without a stage. Tonight Tellison demonstrated why are one of the most beloved bands in the UK’s underground music scene, these are genuine intelligent rock songs able to rival anything the Arctic Monkeys can put out but without the bullshit egos that go with them. 

– Cameron Law (@Deadend_Friend)


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