Moose Blood @ 1865, Southampton – 14/04/2016

On this sold out show of their tour, Moose Blood fans eagerly queue outside the 1865 in Southampton well before doors open. The band’s debut album ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’, was a a huge crater in the world of emo pop punk shrapnel; and that shows tonight.

Opening the night are Irish two-piece Greywind, formed of siblings Paul and Steph O’Sullivan. The set is performed with professionalism, despite this being their ‘second show ever’. 

Although the band have great instrumentation, Steph lets the set down by providing almost no communication with the crowd. The underwhelming shouty vocals would be piercing if it weren’t for the heavy mic effects used.

Warming up before the headliners take to the stage are Dublin band The Winter Passing. This four-piece seem like a good choice for the night with their blend of dreamy indie and pop vocals. However, the concept isn’t quite as well-executed live, with both male and female vocalists becoming a little distracting from all the good things the band has to offer.

They do get the crowd interested however, and play their set through with a few catchy songs and charisma.

Headliners Moose Blood steal the night from the first line vocalist Eddy Brewerton shouts down the mic on opener ‘Swim Down’; every single audience member raises their arms as they sing back.

It’s clear throughout the entire set that these Coventry rockers are just at the start of an incredible career. The room is buzzing for the entire performance. Girls are on shoulders, boys are crowd-surfing and many cry as the room calms for a beautiful joint sing-a-long to ‘Cherry’. Singer Eddy simply stands back and listens to the crowd sing to him as he smiles.

People care about this band. That’s most apparent when the band ask if the audience wants to hear ‘a new one’ and people actually jump up and down in giddy excitement.

By the end of the set, fans are clambering at the edge of the room on the seated booths and rising above the crowd to get a view of the madness that unfolds when the band finish the night with cult favourite ‘Gum’.

Moose Blood are about to blow up. These days of playing in small rooms will soon be long behind them. Festival season, their recent signing to Hopeless Records and their second album due in August will see them grow into the emo titans that they are.

– Dev Place (@SquadUp_)


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