Rob Lynch – Baby, I’m A Runaway

It’s clear from the offset that Rob Lynch‘s new record “Baby I’m a Runaway” isn’t just a retread of the old ground he did so well two years ago in “All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul“. Opener ‘Prove It!’ couldn’t be further away from ’31/32’ and ‘Salt Spring’ stands out as something unlike anything he’s done before.



It doesn’t feel right to include Lynch under the title of “singer songwriter” as he is nothing like most of the musicians in that scene, mostly because he is unafraid to wear his pop sensibilities proudly on his sleeve. Make no mistake, “Baby I’m a Runaway” is a pop record and it’s almost impossible not to sing along to the smashing chorus of ‘Selfish Bones’. Lynch makes no secret of being a pop and country fan, praising artists like Carly Rae Jepson and Ryan Adams on social media, in fact, he has always been unafraid to name check his influences in all areas and this continues through his new album, references to Willy Vlautin and Elliot Smith on lead single ‘Sure Thing’ are bound to raise a smile.

Although at times on the record Rob sounds like he’s struggling with being the best version of himself he can possibly be, there’s a genuine sense of hope woven throughout. This comes to a head with album closer ‘Kings and Queens’ , the ‘My Friends and I’ of this album and is destined to be a massive crowd pleasing sing-along.

Melancholy lyrics over upbeat melodies is nothing new, but without a doubt, Rob does it better than most and if he can keep on this upward trajectory, it won’t be long before one of the country’s best kept secrets is let out.


Dan Buckingham


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