OPS – Sluice Around

It’s always healthy to have a change, especially when you’ve been bingeing on classic hardcore records for the past 5 weeks. So it was with eagerness that I received the debut album “Sluice Around” by Birmingham vegan punks OPS.


I expected a Propagandhi-esqe chronicle of blunt, unapologetic truths regarding the state of animal treatment, but the record is vast in subject matter. Sure, the third track “Distance” highlights the walls that meat eaters put between themselves and their victims – sorry, food – but other than that the only other animal song I identified was “Snudge”; a tribute to a cat. Other themes include mental health and the general crap of growing up, all delivered in an impressively fresh style.

Against the very loud menu of music I’ve been enjoying recently, this record smacked of more melodic, lyrical bands such as Great Cynics and Muncie Girls. They’d fit in on a tour with either (In actual fact they’re currently on tour with T-Shirt Weather) and I’d even compare singer Elly’s vocal style to Wil Wagner of The Smith Street Band. Musically they’re clean and tight, especially stood against their first two EPs.


The online presence of OPS is minimal; they are on Twitter and also on Facebook, but other than that they have a Bandcamp page and cassettes, which is rad. The album isn’t out until November 11th, but you can check out the single “So Slick” on their Bandcamp below (as well as their other stuff!).

The album is a neat collection of ten songs, give it a go. I anticipate this band being a good call if you can catch them live.

Rich Lavery – @RichieLabhradha

Instagram- @opsdiy

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