Butserfest: 5 bands you need to see

Butserfest is the UK’s biggest outdoor ‘sober’ festival in Petersfield, Hampshire. With lots of activities and bands on to entertain you throughout the day, you won’t need any booze to ensure a good time.


Judging by last year’s video, there’s plenty to look forward to tomorrow!

With Butserfest taking place tomorrow, we’ve selected our favourite bands from the line-up for you to check out while you’re there…

Blood Youth

Catchy and intense, this track in particular radiates fury and energy. We can’t wait to see the same live…


Creeper have become somewhat of a force to be reckoned with. Nothing short of theatrically passionate and intriguing, their set will suck you in if you’re not already in their vortex of madness.


Following the release of their first full-length album in May, Zoax are climbing their way up the ladder. Expect to start seeing this lot pop up at all of your favourite festivals and venues.

Mallory Knox

Mallory Knox aren’t new to the scene anymore; no doubt you’ve heard of them and are familiar with their infectious rock sound. They’re a solid, consistent band who always deliver live and have fun during their sets.


If you’re looking for something different (yet equally brilliant) then definitely go and see Casey on the Crossroads Stage. We’re eager to hear their debut album, which is released in just a couple of weeks!

-Dev Place (@SquadUp_)

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