COPE – Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality (EP)

For a band that has been together little over a year, London based Cope have had an impressive career. From being one of the last bands to play Camden Barfly (RIP) to playing this years Camden Rocks Festival, it’s about time Cope released some music to justify the hype.

Luckily, they deliver in spades. Vocalist Adam Bates’ comes across like a  Hot Damn era Keith Buckley (ETID) and it’s clear Cope proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, refusing to be confined to one particular style.

Opener ‘Seasons Ending‘ is a 3 and a half minute blast of ferocious early 2000’s hardcore, whilst ‘Voyage‘ boasts a gigantic chorus & & breakdown which’ll break your neck.

Here’s Hoping‘ is destined to be a fan favourite – you can practically hear the crowd screaming back the title mantra.  Following is ‘Crooks and Thieves‘ but Cope save the best for last in the form of ‘Now or Never.


With some cracking clean vocals in the chorus it’s a tantalising taste of what the future holds. On the evidence available, it’s a very bright one indeed.

– Dan Buckingham


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