New Luna – New Luna

Forming in early 2015, Manchester’s New Luna have earned quite some praise. With intense live sets & a superb single under their belts, their self titled, debut EP is a solid, but flawed, first proper release.

Opener ‘Omission’ could not be more appropriately titled. By far the weakest on the EP, it lacks the punch & variety found elsewhere on the release. All is quickly forgiven with lead single & stand out track ‘Noise’. Like a dreamy, post punk Mumford & Sons, the chorus explodes into life & what follows is one of the most memorable moments of the record.
Who’ provides a subtle but impressive chorus & ‘Bleaker’  see’s the record out in a beautiful barrage of cathartic noise.
This isn’t a perfect release, but it’s a great start, if New Luna continue to refine their sound, they’ll may well be ones to watch in the future.
– Dan Buckingham (@DanBuckingham_)

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