Introducing… Taking Names

Taking Names is a pop-punk band from Bergen, Norway, signed on Loyal Blood Records. Since 2015, the band has released a fresh breath of 90’s- inspired pop-punk with a modern variety of references from different genres, giving them a uniqueness to stand firmly on their own musical feet. With a rawness and energy on stage, Taking Names marks themselves as an act worth experiencing and paying attention to in the future. 


“A 10/10 catchiness rating and a bunch of “woahs” thrown in for good measure; reminiscent of Blink-182 and other late-90s / early-00s pop punk giants at their best.” – Upset

Taking Names has had a big year in 2016 in their native country, with heavy rotation on Norway’s biggest national radio station with two of their singles; “Hope It’s The Last Time” and “Leave It”. On top of that they played at by:Larm in Oslo in the beginning of March, and made it to the national final for unsigned artists (Årets Urørt) hosted by the biggest national Norwegian radio station NRK P3.

Taking Names was also recently picked up by Alternative Press, who had the following to say about the band in their feature: “Taking Names bring young spunk to a genre that has gotten overloaded in past years, and have the perfect blend of doofy personalities and earnest lyrics to stand out…get excited for new tunes coming.”   

With their new EP dropping in spring 2017, Taking Names takes the leap and are aiming for new heights both nationwide and abroad.


Trap City track listing

1. Say Anything
2. Near Life Experience
3. Your Landmarks
4. So The Legend Goes
5. Trap City


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