NIGHTLIFE – Salt & Acid

London based four-piece NIGHTLIFE release their first full length album ‘Salt & Acid’ on the 24th February 2017, with a strong individual sound set to please fans of Jimmy Eat World or The Xcerts.


The band, previously releasing a succession of EPs have strived to create a collection of eleven songs to establish themselves as a unique addition to the music scene.

The group released their first single from the anticipated album ‘Out of Your Mind’ back on the 6th January this year, a tune that embellishes their self-expression. The pace is brisk with some varying turns throughout the duration, diversely expanding their riffs and beats in a way that truly stands out.

‘Blamer’ mixes up the tempo even more, hinting towards some pop inspirations, with groovy bridges that split the tune into exciting chunks. It’s new and different from many other regular pop-punk sounds, hurling into a rock edge, eagerly ready to be jumped around to.


The debut is an uplifting journey of self-discovery for the band, taking a strive away from their previous pop-punk edge from their first EP. It’s exciting and fast-paced, with a great energy that concentrates on new rockier personality for the group.

– Jess Boswell (@j_lboswell)

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