Sleaford Mods @ The Hippodrome, Kingston – 02/03/17

To celebrate the release of Sleaford Mods’ latest commentary on British society, Brexit and Cocaine Pyjamas, English Tapas a packed gig at Kingston’s Hippodrome in association with Banquet Records.


It seemed almost a bit out of place for the Nottingham duo to be launching their new album in the London area rather than up north. However, they are considered by many as “the voice of Britain” so you could argue that they could fit in anywhere around the UK.

Starting off the night were Circuit Breakers, a synth charged alternative rock group with an edge. They delivered echoes of The Cure and Joy Division overpowered with gloomy and effective electronic sounds. It was at times repetitive but it was extremely interesting and definitely wasn’t what I was expecting as a support for Sleaford Mods.

When it was time for the headliners to come on the room had swelled to it’s capacity. Focusing on their new work they opened with the first track on the album, Army Nights. It almost didn’t matter that most of the audience had never heard the majority of the songs before, the way the songs were pieced together and the lyrics that were coming out of Jason Williamson’s mouth connected with the audience in an incredible way, “the future’s a pissed on flag and a king size bag of Quavers”. Other songs from the new album like Snout and Carlton Touts stood out as powerful commentaries on Brexit Britain and Superdry.

The duo played the majority of their new album as well as a few classics, although there were not as many as some of the audience would have liked. Jobseeker, Tied up in Nottz and TCR featured in the set list but others like A Little Ditty, Your Brave and Live Tonight didn’t make the cut.

Overall it was a captivating evening, an eye opening insight into the new album and an absolute riot. The crowd was ecstatic, you can always get an honest look at the British public when looking at a Sleaford Mods audience, people of all ages and walks of life coming together to show their disgust for the way the world is and the honesty that is conveyed through the music that Sleaford Mods make.

Rob McKelvey


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