High Tides – I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over

Pop-Punk four piece High Tides are set to release their latest mini-album in mid-March. Originating from Nottingham, this eight-track release is the group’s first album (granted, it’s a mini-album) after their previous EP’s: including their issue of ‘Home Truth’s’ that was out last year. ‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’ is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a journey for the band, and it’s fun to join along the way.


Starting off with an introductory track ‘Resolution’, it brings a glimpse into what the quintet have in store for the remaining 20 minutes of the album. It continues with ‘52’, which follows suit of fast, upbeat riffs and bouncy rhythms that are evident in songs from other influences along the lines of State Champs or Real Friends.

The second single from the collection is ‘Bridges’ which highlights their triumphant collaboration of pop-punk and emo influences that are evident throughout their repertoire. Initially establishing a steady guitar rhythm, they then propel into quick paced riffs and gusty vocals, with the lyrics: “Not scared of burning bridges, it’s walking on them that scares me”.

The group end on ‘Home’: a more mellow tune that finishes up the journey wonderfully. Goes to show that the band have the capabilities to explore their sound and produce interesting and diverse songs. It’s clear that this is a very well-rounded sophomore release, with a full dynamic throughout.


The album is set to be released a week today (17th March) via Scylla Records and can be pre-ordered here. They tour in the UK in this month, setting off on the album release date with Where There’s Life as touring buddies.

Jess Boswell


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