Halfnoise – Velvet Face

Following hugely successful tours with HalfNoise on both sides of the pond and recently reuniting with a little band called Paramore, it’s fair to say last year was a big one for Zac Farro.


Debut album ‘Sudden Feeling’ made huge head way & now with the release ‘Velvet Face’ this is only built on. ‘Scooby’s In The Back’ opens with some softly strummed acoustic chords before bursting into life with the titular refrain that won’t be leaving the listener’s head any time soon.

However it’s lead single ‘French Class’ that really showcases Farro at his best. Although the entire EP is made up of swooning vocals over luscious melodies, it’s on this track where his talents really shine & are flexed to their full potential.

‘Velvet Face’ is littered with everything from low key indie to psychedelic rock reminiscent of Tame Impala, & its this refusing to be contained to one genre approach & letting the songs speak for themselves that make this guaranteed to make a splash on both sides of the pond.

If Farro can keep up this level of quality then it won’t be long before he can step out of the shadow of a certain band & be a household name on his own.

Dan Buckingham

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