Freeze The Atlantic Announce Third Album ‘The People Are Revolting’

Alcopop! Records have announced details of The People Are Revolting, the third album from UK alt-rock band,Freeze The Atlantic, which is set for release on 14th April 2017.


The album was recorded at Middle Farm Studios (Black Peaks, We Are The Ocean) in South Devon by Peter Miles. This time around, the band were set on recording everything in one week, working long hours live in the studio to capture a more organic, raw performance. The result is a more natural and lively recording, featuring arguably some of their finest writing yet.

 “We felt this time we wanted to try something different and we’re super glad we did” explains vocalist Liv Puente“We don’t like to repeat ourselves much so this was a new challenge, which pushed us all as musicians. We added a few overdubs there and there, and the vocals were recorded in the evening so I had something to sing to, but everything else is just the band in a room, playing as we would live. It’s quite risky and ballsy but we think the result is by far the most honest and raw record we’ve made so far.”

Drawing influence, as ever, from the likes of melodic rock icons Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Far and Rival Schools, there’s also a double helping of heavy, bringing a ballsier dose of Smashing Pumpkins, Helmet and Pearl Jam to proceedings.

The departure of Sean Shreeve, in part responsible for the dark edge on their second self-titled album, was always going to have an impact on the band’s song-writing, but with the return to the fold of their original bass player Jon Pearce (Reuben), FTA have found a new groove, and it suits them well.

Perhaps a sign of the times, there’s no surprise that this new offering is packed full of more social commentary than previous projects, with songs like ‘Altogether Not Together’ touching on the Syrian refugee crisis, ‘Gunnar Hansen’ pointing the finger at the military and addressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and title track ‘The People Are Revolting’ firing broadsides at our forefathers, looking at some of the huge backward steps it feels as though the world has taken in the last 12 months.

Formed in 2009 by Andy Gilmour of Hundred Reasons, and John Pearce and Guy Davis of Reuben, Freeze the Atlantic have been through their fair share of line-up changes and challenges. The heart and burning passion for music that they took from those iconic early projects, however, remains the same.

Their 2012 debut effort, Speakeasy, was a statement of intent from the band, and, whilst critically acclaimed, was a sign that there was so much more to come. Numerous UK & Ireland tours followed, with breakthrough performances at prestigious festivals and plays by BBC Radio 1, Radio X and many more. Their 2014 self-titled follow up, Freeze The Atlantic, brought radical new ideas and elements to a refreshingly British sound. Heavier, smarter and more accomplished, it paved the way for Version 4.0 of the band to firmly find their feet.

If anything, Freeze The Atlantic are a perfect example of the sort of band the UK has a special knack for producing – a humble and hardworking bunch of music lovers with a social conscience, and a desire to use their voice and their art to really say something about the world which we live in, and address some of the issues our faltering society all too often tries to gloss over.

“We all have day jobs and most of us have families to support. None of us really have the time to fit any of this in our lives, but we make time for it because we love it, simple as that. And for as long as it’s fun and fulfilling, we’ll keep doing it! We’re just grateful we can still do this, one album and tour at a time.”

April 2017 UK Tour Dates:

12.04 – Birmingham – The Flapper
13.04 – Glasgow – Nice N’ Sleazy
14.04 – Nottingham – Bodega
15.04 – London – The Borderline
16.04 – Bristol – The Louisiana

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