Flatliners – Inviting Light

With 15 years, 4 albums, a number of EP’s & a b-sides record under their belts, it’s testament to them that every member of The Flatliners today are the exact same musicians who started the band back in their teenage years.

It is this commitment and investment in the band that has given them longevity & their solid work ethic is the reason that even after a decade, they can still pump out an album of anthemic punk tunes that may rank amongst their best.
The Flatliners waste no time in letting you know where they’re at in 2017 & Inviting Light is an album jam packed with future live staples that will fit in alongside the likes of ‘Shithawks’ & ‘Eulogy’ perfectly.
Picking up right where they left off after last years ‘Nerves‘ EP, opener ‘Mammals’ builds tension nicely before ‘Hang My Head’ kicks in. This track gives us the ‘all my friends are nervous wrecks’ refrain which is the first of many sing-a-long moments littered throughout the record that are sure to evoke a rapturous response from fans at shows.
Elsewhere on the album, vocalist Chris Cresswell puts in some of the finest performances of his career on ‘Infinite Wisdom‘ & lead single ‘Human Party Trick‘ where his raspy vocals are unmistakable. Penultimate track & album highlight ‘Chameleon Skin’ showcases a slightly different side to the band, with slow & meandering guitars building to a crescendo before slowly fading with the song’s hook on repeat.
With Inviting Light, The Flatliners have honed their sound to near perfection, and this might just make it the definitive Flatliners record.

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