Introducing… Paper City Exile

Dan Conway, Jackson Silverman, and Zeno Quinn are Paper City Exile, a young trio residing from Western Massachusetts. The group attend the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School, pursuing their musical aspirations, making their impact on the Boston music scene and expanding their audiences across the globe.


With such an extensive catalogue of music out online already, it is increasing becoming more and more difficult to make a name for yourself, especially while still being students. Paper City Exile have already made themselves a solid following, which is particularly evident over on their Reverb Nation page, occupying the top spot on the South Hadley, MA, US charts on the site.

Their individual alternative style sounds crisp and defined, influenced by classic indie rock artists such as Elvis Costello and Dinosaur Jr. When checking their music catalogue, there’s an engrossing alternative vibe that alike to the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Royal Blood.

Their newest release comes in the form of the self-titled LP ‘Paper City Exile’, compiled of nine songs and introducing five never heard before tracks. Shared online earlier this month, the LP can be streamed through Spotify, iTunes and Reverb Nation. The group of songs amalgamate together fluidly and sound superbly produced, demonstrating what the band have in store.

Treat Her Right/Brought You Down’ is the newest single from the group, with fast beats, exciting solos and classical rock vocals that is both gritty and smooth. The chord progressions in ‘Moxie’ are reminiscent of the clean, sharp riffs from Band of Skulls, whilst still pulling off their own style of modern, new-age indie twists.

For their young age, this American trio are set for great future and deserve extra commemoration for their unique sound that lays down vibes from everything from old-school punk to contemporary rock and blues.

Jess Boswell

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