Freeze the Atlantic – The People are Revolting

Originally formed back in 2009 as a formation from previous members of Reuben and Hundred Reasons, Freeze the Atlantic have undergone many alterations in lineup; including a rotation through three different singers and two different bassists. Now firmly in a comfortable status, the group – formed of Hundred Reasons’ Guitarist Andy Gilmour, Reuben’s guitarist Jon Pearce and drummer Guy Davis, along with Liv Puente on vocals and Tom Stevens on guitar – have announced details regarding their third full-length album.

The People are Revolting’ is set to be released on the 14th April 2017 on Alcopop! Records. The alt-rock five-piece took to Middle Farm Studios and with the assistance of Peter Miles managed to produce a collection of eleven new tracks, including their newest single taking the same title ‘The People are Revolting’. It’s something that’s totally apart from their previous endeavors in Reuben and Hundred Reasons, they wanted to create something new when producing this new chapter.

Their style covers a spectrum of sounds within each track on the album, incorporating some old-school rock and grunge on tracks such as ‘Captain Buzzkill’ with indie rock and even post-hardcore on ‘Gunnar Hansen’. There’s still a clear, defined identity for the group; their own unique product of years of experience and sound exploration.


The introductions of the antecedent tracks ‘The People are Revolting’ and ‘Captain Buzzkill’ demonstrates the group’s capabilities to incorporate grungey guitars and drum builds that could easily be heard on a contemporary Nirvana track. There are hints towards an Alice in Chains experience, with full sounding instrumental bars and heavy doses of Smashing Pumpkins. The harsh vocals on ‘Crackerjack’ play into some recognition to the likes of hard rock band Rev Theory and Art of Dying.

There’s plenty of melodic rock evident in the riffs and progressions in songs such as ‘Magnetoscope’, which alternates between gentle progression in the verses to a more regular upbeat rhythm in the choruses. ‘The Floor is Made of Lava’ stands out as a personal favourite, with heavy riffs perceiving similarities to Helmet or Stone Temple Pilots.


They give next to no time to slow down throughout the duration of the LP. The ending of concluding track ‘No Goodbyes’ wraps up the exciting length of fast beats nicely with a calming melody that brings the journey to an end with the closing of a door. This progression reflects the opening track ‘El Nitro’ brilliantly, making the album sound more complete and thoroughly thought out.

‘The People are Revolting’ is a purely organic record that truly encapsulates the band’s energy and hardworking attitudes in one defined package. With a brilliant diversity of influences, the group has produced an alt-rock album that deserves great things.

Jess Boswell

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