Everyday Sidekicks – Hope

Based in Bristol, UK, Everyday Sidekicks are a four-piece producing some heavy sounds; following the likes of A Day to Remember, Beartooth and We Came As Romans. Their latest release of energy-filled single ‘Fracture’ provides a glimpse towards what is to be expected from their forthcoming, self-released EP ‘Hope’ coming out on 31st March.

everyday sidekicks

Right from the get go, there is clear indication to the group’s aims to push themselves further from the previous record ‘The Things I’ve Seen’ that was released back in 2015. With melodic, vocally prominent choruses, songs like the foremost ‘Glass House’ hooks the listeners in with uplifting riffs and huge sounding drums rhythms.

The rhythm only intensifies going into ‘Bury Your Friends’: a pleasant balance of clean and heavy. There are steady, heafty verses, that then evolves into a softer delivery that suits the bands very well. It incorporates some strong lyrical themes regarding the loss of a close friend; a sombre topic that proves how honest and personal the group wanted to come across with these tracks.

The interlude ‘Lacuna’ takes the EP down a notch and produces a hypnotic trance of atmospheric vibes; wonderful, ambient two minutes that takes inspiration from the interlude tracks written by Architects. It’s a break for the listeners, one to close your eyes to and fully take in for a movement. The trance is then broken swiftly by the concluding track ‘Business Secrets of the Pharos’, which sees the returns of the hardcore norm.

It certainly seems that Everyday Sidekicks are firmly discovering their true sound, and it’s a very solid sound at that. There are plenty of in-your-face screams and angsty impressions that together works well to encourage a head-banging pit in any given environment.


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