Creeper / Milk Teeth / Energy / Puppy @ Tramshed, Cardiff – 02/04/17

When we got an invite to one of the highest-octane punk tours in the UK this year, there was no way we were passing that down. Enter the effervescent Dan Buckingham, and a night to remember in the Welsh capital…


Kicking off the evening’s proceedings are noisy Londoners Puppy. Playing just after doors is never easy, especially when it’s a rare sunny day outside but Puppy manage to garner the attention of the modest crowd that has gathered before them and earn a more than appreciative response to their noisy rumblings.

Next up, Energy, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. This tour marks their first ever trip overseas to The United Kingdom, despite being a band for over a decade. Whilst the (ahem) energy in the room starts off a little slow, songs like ‘Walk Into The Fire’ & ‘Another Yesterday’ demand the attention of those outside the handful of die hard fans in the crowd. By the time penultimate track ‘The Witching Hour’ ends, it’s fair to say that Energy have left the stage with significantly more fans than they came on with.

Although Milk Teeth come on to a somewhat muted reception, the band have quality tunes in spades to win over the crowd. Clearly having a ton of fun on stage, the band don’t take themselves too seriously whilst still putting in a flawless live performance. Frontwoman Becky Blomfield absolutely kills it on ‘Swear Jar’ whilst the guttural screams from guitarist / vocalist Chris Hutton on ‘Brickwork’ slay. The band can be proud knowing that they won over what was a slightly difficult crowd to begin with.

Whilst all the supports manage to hold their own, the crowd tonight are here for one band & one band only. From the minute they take to the stage to album opener ‘Black Rain’ Creeper are on fire. Frontman Will Gould commands the crowd with absolute ease & has them hanging on his every word. The ‘now, now, now’ refrain of ‘Suzanne’ is absolutely deafening as is the ‘bad luck charm’ of ‘The Honeymoon Suite’, although in truth, the crowd rarely let up throughout the whole set. Mid-set the majority of the band forfeit the stage leaving just Hannah Greenwood (keyboards, vocals) & Ian Miles (guitars, vocals) to do a spine tingling rendition of ‘Crickets’, before the band return & launch into ‘Hiding With Boys’.

Creeper end their set with ‘Misery’, the only track from their EP’s carried over to the album. Bursting with emotion, the crowd could probably drown out plane landing, such is the volume at which they deliver every lyric back to the band.

On tonight’s evidence, Creeper’s meteoric rise to fame in such a short time span is more than justified & while Tramshed is a sizeable venue, it’s obvious that even rooms this capacity won’t be able to contain them much longer.

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