Mike Barham announces debut EP // Release details

Wiltshire based singer/songwriter (and occasional TCOV contributor) Mike Barham is building up to the release of his debut EP “Altitude with Attitude”, announcing the start of the pre-order campaign AND revealing the artwork exclusively HERE on The Colour of Vinyl.

You can pre-order the EP here now. All pre-orders receieve an immediate download of ‘Cider’ (our personal fave).

The seven-track collection of road-tested tunes has been almost eight months in the making, with Mike calling in the considerable production talents of Guy Britton at Riverbank Studios in Chippenham to make Devizes’ loudest resident even louder.

Mike said: “I started doing this solo guitar thing as a bit of a venting process about two years ago, with my good friend Kieran Moore (Sheer Music) convincing me that I should give it a go after attending some of his excellent shows. I expect he probably regrets that now…”

We’re also able to bring you the official unveiling of the EP artwork:

Barham EP Cover.jpg

“I suppose having your band fall apart and picking up a guitar to accompany yourself isn’t really a unique back story. In fact it’s probably 50% of all singer/songwriters! But it’s what you do with moments like those that define you. I chose not to stop playing songs about N64 games and drunken nights in Wiltshire towns. And this mini-album or EP is the result of everything I wanted those songs to become.

Drafting in some help from fellow road-basher Jack Moore, who became a one man rhythm section for the majority of the release, Altitude with Attitude also features nationally renowned guitarist and founding member of legendary blues group The Hoax, Jon Amor, who performs on the EP closer Ode To Crows.

Mike said: “I’m over the moon that I managed to convince Jon to dive in and rip a solo on this thing. We were sat in the control room as he played just gob-smacked. It was exactly what the track needed and I can’t begin to thank him enough for taking the time to come down.

“Jack was a complete monster throughout the recording process. Consummate professional, a great laugh and nailed almost everything first time! I almost feel like this became a joint record because at one point he was starting to pick up guitars too!

“It’s fun in places, poignant in others, but all 100% honest and to the point. It’s taken me a silly amount of time to finally get them recorded, but now that we are building up to getting them into the wide world I couldn’t be prouder. And I couldn’t have these tunes just be me playing quietly in a corner of some studio. It has to be loud, in your face and rocking!

“And you get to hear about it all first through TCOV, the most dedicated group of people to their cause I have ever met. Long may it continue! (Or in other words, don’t have too many more kids Rob…)”

The mini-album takes a sombre swing at the midway point, as Barham marks the loss of his good friend Charlie Sherman, who passed away after a motorcycling incident in Devizes during 2014, with Short, Never Forgotten.

Mike added: “That track is as raw as we could make it, just me and a guitar in a room. You can hear me choking up and on the verge of tears every time because it’s still emotionally the hardest thing for me to sing. And the flute especially gets the waterworks going as it’s Charlie’s younger brother Rory, who’s a phenomenal musician and integral to that song for me. I hope it’s a fitting tribute to a truly wonderful human being.”

Altitude with Attitude will be available for download via Bandcamp on 22 April, the same day Mike will be supporting Sean McGowan at The Lamb in Devizes.

Physical editions of the release will be available through Mike’s Bandcamp page or by actually getting into direct contact with him via email or social media. How novel!

And of course, Altitude with Attitude will be available on Spotify, iTunes and all the usual platforms. Mike might even ask Jay-Z nicely and get it on Tidal for you…


Pre-order now and receieve an immediate download of ‘Cider’ – www.mikebarham.bandcamp.com


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