Hot Mulligan – Opportunities

Hot Mulligan are a pop-punk quintet from Michigan. After recently signing with new label No Sleep Records, the group have re-released a special edition of their most recent EP ‘Opportunities’. The record, made digitally available at the end of March this year, features the original six tracks with addition new acoustic song ‘Deluxe Capacitor’.

hot mulligan 1

‘If You Spun Out in Your Oldsmobile, This Probably Wouldn’t Have Happened’ may sound like a backtrack to the old-school emo tracks from the likes of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco with the extra-long, expendable title, yet it starts of the EP with a subtle yet well-grounded vibe. We are greeted with a sneak into indie-rock rhythms and a stable vocal to compliment the chilled moods, with hints towards the likes of The Wonder Years and the vocals of A Loss for Words.

‘The Hammer Guy is at It Again’ incorporates some tenacious pop-punk riffs, progressing further into an incredibly catchy, melodic chorus. Similarly to the opening track, there are hints of elevated synths during verses, pulling together the instruments. The intermixing tempos coinciding with electronic expressions creates a whimsical tone that sets the track away from what else is already available in the established pop-punk genre.

‘Wait For It’ throws in a steady tune that only hints at escalating during the concluding minute. This is then backed up later by the concluding track of the EP, and the newest song from them all. ‘Deluxe Capacitor’ entails a steady acoustic rhythm that then enlists a melodic electric guitar to fusion a tranquil backing track. The vocals of Chris Freeman then equips an exclaim towards emotional wellbeing and providing heartfelt lyrics  much alike to that of some slower Man Overboard.

Hot Mulligan are relentless, already with firm plans to head back into the studio to record their debut LP in the summer of this year. In the meantime, we are provided with a very solid re-release of an album that supplies hints towards what the five-piece have in store.

Jess Boswell

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