While She Sleeps – You Are We

We’ve got nothing to lose, so come & get it.” If anything summed up where While She Sleeps are at in 2017, it’s this line.

Despite two well received albums & an EP, the band decided to take matters into their own hands regarding their tumultuous relationship with the music industry. Their third album, You Are We sees them return not only as an independent band, but with a statement that says their fans are as much a part of the band as they are.
This is so much more than the band merely just picking up where they left off on 2015’s ‘Brainwashed’. Opening with the titular track, it’s clear from the offset this is the sound of a band completely reinvigorated & ready to take what should’ve been theirs from the start. Everything that made their previous releases so great has been amplified tenfold. The guttural vocals of frontman, Loz Taylor’s vocals have never sounded more scathing – this is a man who screams with conviction, whilst the onslaught of breakneck guitar speeds & pummelling drums are sure to whip up a frenzy on the live circuit.
The anthemic ‘Hurricane’ sees the band deliver a gargantuan chorus not unlike those of fellow Sheffield rockers Bring Me The Horizon. Oli Sykes makes a seamless cameo on ‘Silence Speaks’, rather than being shoehorned in as is a common mistake of guest vocals. This track showcases While She Sleeps at their finest & shows they still have the potential to reach the dizzying heights we’ve seen Bring Me conquer in recent years.
That being said, a large portion of the record disregards any pop-py edge for a full blown assault of intensity & any hook laden melodies merely just add to the dynamic of the record, maximising each track’s potential and leaving no half measures or filler tracks.
While She Sleeps are a band with something to say & with You Are We they are demanding your attention. You better listen up, because compromise is off the table.
-Dan Buckingham (@DanBuckingham_)

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