Andy Oliveri & The Mountaineers / Jim Lockey @ Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham – 14/04/17

Andy Oliveri & the Mountaineers bring their indie college rock vibes to the quaint town of Cheltenham in the celebration of the release of debut album ‘Call Them Brothers’ and what better way to do that than hitting the road and sharing the tunes. They start their journey in the town’s favourite rock pub Frog & Fiddle, who recently installed a new improved sound system to show off the tunes in the best possible way.


They kick off with first stop for the record celebration bandwagon with the support from residing Cheltoinan Jim Lockey. His solo performance showcases some classic indie folk, establishing simplicity at its finest form. The tunes are funky and a treat for the ears, with tempos that are easy to sway along with. His soft voice bellows around the crowded room, which is coupled with the velvety melodies from his acoustic guitar.


He works through a varied set of assorted rhythms and nostalgic vocals including tunes such as ‘Home’ and ‘Wilderness’: a track that picks up the pace midway through the act, with lyrics: “We are just the wild, wild youth, we’ll just keep coming back”. Jim shines, becoming more involved with his music and exhibiting his sincere enthusiasm. He finishes on ‘Warriors’, a toe-tapping, powerful tune with plenty of soul and enticing sounds that wind down his time nicely.

Soon enough, Andy and his Mountaineers appear on the stage in a gleam of light. They launch straight into an atmospheric introduction that morphs into their opening song, filled with synths and melodic guitars. They start off where they continue to go on as they progress through instrumental sections that showcase the talent in the mountaineers, these segments create ambient sounds, highlighting influences from the post-rock genre.


Songs such as recently released single ‘Sky Candy Apple’ bellows through the venue, even featuring frog’s own light show to emphasize the break downs and heightened sections of intense sound. The drums are thunderous, and the bass is booming throughout the set, with intricate guitars to fill out the steady portions of each track. They enter a sustained tone introduction for ‘Where Wild Things Grow Fondly’, and close their set with an upbeat melody.

The Frog & Fiddle is a brilliant, compact venue for gigs, and it is always a nice sight to see the barn room packed out like it was during this night. The people of Cheltenham have been happily treated to a mix of chilled out indie vibes and plenty of ambient sounds, proving to be a great kick off for Andy and co. on their journey with the new record.


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