Freeze The Atlantic @ The Louisiana, Bristol – 16/04/17

Bristol holds host to an abundance of old-fashioned pubs that like to showcase some of the best UK talent across a multitude of genres and styles. The Louisiana invites the boys of supergroup Freeze the Atlantic to take centre stage on Easter Sunday to expose their third studio album ‘The People Are Revolting’.

There are plenty of bold sounds and thick tunes round the room as opening Youth start off the night with a thunderous set of echoing riffs and tight choruses. The local four piece stand strong in their darkened surroundings, performing a succession of deep vocal hooks and exploding into colossal riffs and bass lines that hit you right in the stomach. The break downs are brilliantly heavy and aggressive and compliment the wonderful echoing guitar work evident throughout.

They pound through songs like ‘L’appel de vide’, which brings out their true, dynamic form. They finish on ‘The Break’, with an atmospheric introduction that leaps headfirst into a punchy, enticing chorus that is impossible to not take pleasure from. It is evident that even if you hadn’t heard of Youth before, getting the chance to witness them before your eyes generates an immediate fondness over the group. If there’s ever a chance to be able to get involved with a show with these guys and witness their powers first hand, it would be greatly recommended.

Welsh trio The Decoy are next to take on Bristol’s audience. They open with ‘Black Mountain Radio’: a track that compliments a mix of varying tempos and influences to convey unexpected twists in music progression. They throw in some aggressive vocalist screams to keep the viewers awake. They introduce more and more harmonies when it comes to ‘Cold’, proving exactly how strong this three-piece is. Their sound echo’s through the whole room, their changes in tempo are expertly controlled during ‘Crazy Nights’ and includes a blistering solo from frontman Lewis Barber.

The group flawlessly proceed through other tracks from their debut album ‘Avalon’, then coming to a steady close with ‘Andyoism’: a more advanced track from a previous EP. They showcase more full-on energy in this final song, proving how talented the three are at working together as a perfectly functioning unit. It’s apparent that The Decoy are in fit state to take on the world, even despite their obvious drained state they don’t fail to produce a progression of infectious bass lines, unfaltering rhythms and catchy vocals that leave you wanting more.

Freeze the Atlantic take the limelight, embracing a string the ambient tones of opener ‘El Nitro’: the first track on their latest album ‘The People Are Revolting’. The brief instrumental prelude briskly morphs into ‘Annotate My Fate’, which is the first glimpse into the five-piece entirely operating together and it is an excellent sight to witness. They throw in some older tracks like ‘The Last Great Train Robbery’ in amongst their newer material, each flowing in alliance. Songs like ‘The Floor is Made of Lava’ sound incredibly bold and powerful, with vocalist Liv Puente making his way off stage to get up close and personal with the audience numerous times.

This is their fifth and final night of tour with fellow companions The Decoy and it is clear that these two bands have become close over their time together. Both fully support the work and performances made by the other, as the guys from The Decoy made an appearance on the floor as part of the ‘smallest mosh pit’ that takes place during the heavier tracks. The members may show signs of wear, they are incredibly exhausted from the previous nights, yet they still put on an impressive show, with big sounding tracks that deserve a lot more recognition.

These guys are incredibly genuine and clearly love what they do, the night may have been somewhat vacant in the room, yet they manage to make the most out of what they had. The audience in Bristol may have been fairly civilised for the most part, but it would be brilliant to see this band make it to bigger and better things in the future.

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