Nineteen Fifty Eight – Dark Blue

Welsh quintet Nineteen Fifty Eight are set to release their newest set of tracks in the form of EP ‘Dark Blue’ in May. The six-track collection presents various catchy tunes that show off the band’s true dedication to their music. With a strong female lead and a newly developed association with Transcend Music under their belts, the group are raring and ready to take on world with their mesmerizing melodies.

They begin the next chapter in their careers with title track ‘Dark Blue’, which was released as the debut single back in early April. The song, as well as the video that is paired alongside it, presents a pure simplicity that the group are then able to depict throughout the EP. There is an abundance of sweet melodies and a somewhat glum tone to the vocals that seem to operate together seamlessly, conjuring up sounds similar to Tonight Alive.

They tackle the realities of adulthood and the toils that present themselves while growing up. Nineteen Fifty Eight want to confirm that everything will be alright in the end, ‘Optimistic’ is a track that assures that a little bit of work can go a long way when going through a lot of change in life. There is a very honest perception that the group tend to suggest in their music and it is a quality that is indeed admirable in music.


‘God Forbid’ follows, establishing itself with an echoing guitar riff that could resemble something from an old Framing Hanley track. It is a stand out track that echoes through your head, filled with vibrating sounds and haunting vocals.

Their slower jam comes in the form of ‘Temporary Feelings’, which kicks back the pace and showcases the glorious vocals from Ceryn Evans and harmonising with effortless guitars. Taking some influential flair from the likes of rising stars PVRIS,the quintet are able to provide their own dose of modern style to further push the rock scene of South Wales.

There is plenty of potential here with Nineteen Fifty Eight’s latest release. The tracks are catchy in places, yet there is an absence of substance at times. The songs are enjoyable and easy to listen to; however, they don’t quite seem to get off the ground and instead remain firmly on an equilibrium of adequate alt-rock.

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