Sibling – Dream You Away

South East England three-piece Sibling are sharing their newest EP with the world at the end of June: a petite collection of four tracks entitled ‘Dream You Away’. Initially formed to become a fundamental studio group, ex-Hindsights vocalist Benio Baumgart along with Sam Correa and Lewis Pickering have since decided to take the songs they write to the stage.


The album takes a journey through the different moments within a breakdown in a relationship. The vocals from Benio are fairly melancholy, complementing the ambient tones from the rest of the band in a way that works brilliantly in their favour. They call out to those that would find solace in such relatable subject matters, reaching out to listeners and drawing them in with infectious song progressions.

Having previously released their debut single from the EP ‘Love/Sick’, there is accurate reason to believe it sits brilliantly as the frontrunner for the record. It introduces the rest of the runtime wonderfully as it incorporates the trio’s echoing vocal hooks and vibrant guitar compilations.

The following song, title track ‘Dream You Away’ is exactly what you’d expect from a name so elegant. The beautiful sounds create a relaxing atmosphere that really feels like a dream throughout the duration of the track. This same spirit is evident elsewhere in the record, bringing the mix of tunes together in relaxing conformity.

The record concludes with two further songs, embracing the similar echoing vibes and atmospheric instrumental sections that have already been established.

It is a brief and pleasant release from the trio, and it would be interesting to how the new tracks would hold out on stage. ‘Dream You Away’ is perfect for some chill down time, that still can pack a punch from time to time. Overall as a second record, it has been compiled together immaculately and gives a promise of what is to come for the band.

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