Tricot – 3

Assuming my anticipated response to the genre of this review is correct I’d like to welcome the 4 people who decided to read it. But hoping that I’m wrong, I’d like to say that Tricot, the Japanese math-rock force from Kyoto, leapt into my lap and emptied a whole bucket of pleasant surprise. I was fully expecting a torrent of time signatures and anger akin to Rolo Tomassi, rather than an incredibly mainstream and polished sounding group of musicians.


This formidable trio alternate between blistering Jazz-Prog and Funk Fusion, with spacey interludes laced with effects. Atop this hill of sound is vocalist Ikkyu Nakajima, whose voice has a wonderfully refreshing quality, and which often seems separate to the music itself. Exciting Biffy Clyro-esque instrumental sections pepper the record, grabbing any attention back that might have wandered, and drummer Kazutaka Komaki has no trouble filling the space with grooves and fills aplenty. The second track, “Wabi Sabi”, shows an incredibly funk driven style and its follower, “DeDeDe”, is something of a soul tune.

My personal favourite on the record is “Namu”, because it’s just so catchy and impressively simple. It’s always a mark of a good band when you get sucked into scarceness and want more of it. The harmonies between the three front women are staggeringly tight, stretching the songs and making it seem as though there are twice as many musicians being heard.

The list of this band’s influences must be as vast as their own repertoire, and it would frankly be unfair to label them “for fans of” anything specific. Put aside any preconceptions of math-rock or even progressive music. This is something else; fresh but classic at the same time. “3” is released on Big Scary Monsters Records on 19th May 2017. Until then, be sure to check out their Facebook page and get up to date on this incredible band. Isogi!

– Richie Lavery (@RichieLabradha)

tricot 3

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