Terror – Walls Will Fall

Never straying too far from the no frills, straight up hardcore / punk approach, Terror have returned with a new EP (& their Pure Noise debut) that despite hardly pushing the boundaries of hardcore, proves that even in an oversaturated genre, they still do it better than most.

Walls Will Fall’  is an intense record that refuses to let up at all in it’s 8 and a bit minutes; Terror tear through the EP’s 5 tracks, barely pausing for you to realise the track has ended and the next has begun. This is the result of over a decade’s hard work & toil. It’s loud, unapologetic, & heavy; in short, it’s everything you want from hardcore.
‘Kill ‘Em Off’ & the titular track are particular highlights, complete with gang vocals & crushing guitars showing that nothing about Terror has mellowed over the 2 years since The 25th Hour. The final track ‘Step to You’ just about breaks the one minute mark and is pure hardcore at it’s finest.
Terror’s ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ attitude is exactly what has given them their longevity & made them one of the scene’s most treasured bands. Here’s to another few decades!

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