Kamikaze Girls – Seafoam

With the 2016 release of their debut EP, Sad, punk duo Kamikaze Girls wanted people to know that it’s okay not to be okay, to struggle. Drawing on her experiences with addiction & depression, front woman Lucinda Livingstone’s startlingly honest lyrics  make the band stand out from a scene that is saturated in meaningless lyrics. Along with drummer Conor Dawson, 2017 and their new release Seafoam sees Lucinda & the band in a somewhat happier state of mind. Having signed to Big Scary Monsters for their debut album, Kamikaze Girls continue to build on their success & make huge progress at the same time.

‘One Young Man’ opens the album and the chillingly honest lyrics about being robbed at gunpoint reveal the source Lucinda’s recurrent episodes of anxiety & depression. Despite this, the opening track sets out a statement of moving forwards towards a brighter future. A sense of closure is weaved throughout the album which goes hand in hand with the progress & growth the band has made.

The highlight of the record comes with the spine tinglingly  ‘KG Goes To The Pub’, an absolute raging anthem of female empowerment. Lyrics such as ‘Grab my waist one more time and I’ll knock your fucking lights out’ are demonstrative of the progress the band have made since their EP. Lucinda sings with vehemence and vitriol, and the song is catchy, meaningful and sums up just where the band are at in 2017.

‘I Don’t Want To Be Sad Anymore’  closes the album with a message of defiance. Incorporating everything from shoe gaze to fuzzy pop the  ‘we need to fix this together, we need to fix this now’ refrain is hard hitting & a direct plea to listeners to be active in repairing broken mindsets within society.

Seafoam is a statement of intent from Kamikaze Girls, saying that their shows are safe spaces for all, no matter what is going on in the world. It is the sound of them offering consolation & solace to those in need, challenging gender stereotypes & reaching out to the disenchanted. The bright future the band seek is undoubtedly within their grasp.

– Dan Buckingham (@danbuckingham_)

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