While She Sleeps @ The Globe, Cardiff – 01/06/17

Despite the early hour, We Were Wolves open the show with a solid set to a packed out audience. Enthusiastic as the crowd were, if you weren’t into the band before, it’s unlikely that’ll have been changed by their show tonight.

The Family fair better, with a handful of dedicated (and loud) fans, they put on a hell of a show & are sure to have picked up more than a few new followers.
Despite this, it’s clear that tonight is all about While She Sleeps. Chants of their band name began ten minutes before they hit the stage, then when they do the response is deafening. They rip into the album You Are We’s title track & the crowd whips into a frenzy that doesn’t let up throughout the hour & fifteen set. Tearing straight into Civil Isolation, in-between song chat is kept to a minimum, the band let the songs speak for themselves. Frontman, Loz Taylor is visibly enjoying the show as much as the crowd, with a smile on his face he bounces around the stage, climbing monitors & launching himself into the crowd numerous times.
Unrelenting from start to finish, While She Sleeps finish up with the anthemic Hurricane, & with it, prove that when it comes to raw talent & sheer intenisty, they are unmatched.
– Dan Buckingham (@danbuckingham_)

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