Goldfinger – The Knife

Returning with a new album after nearly a decade, Goldfinger are not the same band they once were. Now reduced down to a outlet for frontman (& mega producer) John Feldman, you’d be forgiven for expecting this to be straight in the trash can. However with a host of famous faces in tow, this album is a pleasant (if rather unoriginal) surprise and comes just in time for summer.


Enlisting MxPx‘s Mike Herrera & Story Of The Year‘s Phil Sneed on bass & guitar respectively (as well as Travis Barker on drums) The Knife is brimming with energy & personality, pulling from all aspects of Feldman colourful production career.

Opener ‘A Million Miles’ recalls California-era Blink 182 & the similarities with that record don’t stop there. You can practically hear Matt Skiba singing lead single ‘Put The Knife Away’.


‘Don’t Let Me Go’ is a slow number than recalls lounging around lazily rather than getting sweaty in a basement where album highlight ‘See You Around’ is pop punk perfection, featuring top notch vocals from Mark Hoppus. The track showcases just how much Feldman has honed his craft and why he’s earned a reputation as the go to man for a hook or two.

Original this ain’t, but Goldfinger never tried to be more than they were, a solid punk rock band and when the results are this good, no one is complaining.

– Dan Buckingham (@DanBuckingham_)

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