Introducing… Bordello

The local music scene in Bristol is a diverse one. With the vast selection of common cover bands to rock newcomers performing at the local brewer for a quick set of entertainment. Four-piece Bordello come with something a bit different up their sleeves: a refreshing approach to bringing together soulful blues and lively rock vibes that sets them above the rest of the ordinary music scene.


The group makes a regular appearance across Bristol, following the release of their self-titled debut album back in late June. ‘Bordello’ is a unique collection of contagious tracks, each with their own blend of energy and skill sets that are all wonderfully produced. The mix of tracks pack an incredible punch, with varying attitudes that each show off the band’s musical capabilities. As debut albums go, this is an ideal selection to push the group in the right direction towards their own greatness.


The four-track EP features their stand-out debut single ‘Harder When You’re Here’, which completely embodies the sound that the group has clearly developed and perfected over time. The guitars ring throughout the steady paced tune and vocals entice listeners from the get go.

Coming across such a bold local group can be a rare occurrence so it is entirely reasonable to get excited for this unique, young band. It is only just the beginning for this group, with shows already lined up and others easily to be close behind, there is no excuse to ignore them.


– Jess Boswell (@j_lboswell)

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